Agile Transformation begins with a mindset.

By focusing on mindset transformation, I’ve helped thousands  of teams around the world improve their productivity and enhance camaraderie. Now, I'm making my program public, to teach these skills to members of organizations on their own Agile transformation journey.


Are You Ready for a Transformation?

Is your company on an Agile transformation journey? Have they been on this journey for a few years and you're wondering when it will end? Have you discovered that your organization is doing what they've always done, but are calling it something different and they can't figure out why "Agile doesn't work?" Are team members spread across more teams, trying to do more work, and facing burnout?
Awesome! Then you are at the right place!

My name is Paulie Skaja & I’ve been where you are.

In fact, over 30 years ago, I began my Project Manager and Scrum Master journey and for the past 10 years, I’ve been teaching clients, just like you, how to change their mindset to achieve the outcomes they desire. Now I’ve put it all together into a program called Agile Mindset Mastery.
The Agile Mindset Mastery program is the culmination of all the time, money, and effort I’ve spent learning how to overcome all of the challenges employees on an Agile journey face, so you don’t have to, and the outcomes led to my improved communication, collaboration and integration skills. 
Like most of my clients, maybe you’re experiencing some of these challenges:

Who is the Agile Mindset Mastery Program For?

This program is perfect for you if:
• You attended training on Agile fundamentals, but you have no idea how to apply the concepts
• Your leadership is asking your team to work in a new way, but is still following the old rules
• Your organization is on an Agile journey, but they don’t really know what that means
• Your company has committed to Agile, but seems to be doing everything the way they always have, and you want to help facilitate change, but don't know how
• Your organization has selected an “Agile methodology” without truly understanding the effort it takes to transition to a new way of working
• Your leadership doesn’t trust your abilities to do the right thing
• Your team continues to identify impediments and you have no idea how to help resolve them
• You're afraid that “once the coaches leave, everything will regress back to how it was” and you know that will be bad

How Will It Help You & Your Team?

The Agile Mindset

You’ll learn, understand, and embrace an Agile mindset and be equipped to coach your team, managers, and leadership to do the same

Empower your Team

You’ll learn to empower your team to easily and effortlessly embrace this new way of thinking, working, and behaving so they avoid regressing back to their old ways

Influence & Evolve Processes

You’ll learn skills that allow you to influence and help evolve existing processes and systems to create a streamlined approach that meets your organization’s needs

Candor & Trust

You’ll learn how to create an open, honest, harmonious, and aligned team environment that achieves predictable outcomes, which will garner trust from managers and leaders

Remove Obstacles & Make Progress

You’ll learn how to meet your team where they are, dissect the challenges holding them back, and help them efficiently make progress towards their goals

Servant Leadership

You’ll learn to improve your communication, collaboration, and integration skills to enhance your team’s ability to deliver value that matters.
Regardless of the tools or techniques your organization has employed, the Agile Mindset Mastery program will help you improve your communication and collaboration skills, increase employee satisfaction and retention, and support your organization towards achieving their strategic goals.

The Agile Mindset Mastery Program will help you:

• Improve your communication and collaboration skills
• Learn to build trust and develop psychological safety within your team 
• Learn to reveal the root of a problem so that real solutions can be considered and implemented
• Gain trust from your stakeholders and leadership
• Coach your leadership team in understanding and embracing an Agile mindset
• Influence stakeholders to recognize the importance of a clear strategic vision and shared understanding at all levels
• Support the organization in achieving their strategic goals
• Assist with increased employee satisfaction and retention

The Benefits of my Service are:

• Improved work / life balance
• Increased time to spend relaxing with your family and friends
• Enhanced professional development 
• Increased confidence
• Improved leadership skills
• Reduced Stress
• Enriched communication skills
• Heightened awareness of opportunities for fun and celebration

What is the Agile Mindset Mastery Program?

This 6-week program is a step-by-step adventure into mindset transformation for team members and managers. You’ll receive:

Live Weekly Training

Focused on topics to make you a master in your role and an asset on the Agile journey. Learn how to help your team develop an Agile mindset and explore soft skills to enhance this mindset

Live Weekly Q&A

Focused on your real-world challenges that provide coaching practice and allow a deeper dive into the training topics to build understanding and confidence to bring back to your teams

Membership into our Online Community

Join our inspiring community of heart-centered servant leaders and innovators. Learn alongside your peers, and build new connections

Lifelong Access to the Training Material

Enjoy continued access to our comprehensive online training material, which includes updates as the program evolves

Continued Coaching Through our Online Community

Ongoing support to help you through those real-world challenges as you progress on your journey

Meet Your Coach

Paulie Skaja is a world-class Agile Coach, focused on helping people transform their mindset and change the way they work - and live - to achieve the outcomes they’ve only heard about.
If your organization has been going through an Agile transformation journey, but not getting results, perhaps it’s because they’re simply doing the same things they’ve always done and just calling it something different. In order to transform, you have to let go of what you know and learn a new way.
Paulie helps Scrum Masters (and Project Managers), team members, managers, and executives learn to bring the Agile values and principles to life (being Agile) through mindset transformation.
Paulie has used this method with teams for over a decade and because it’s been so successful for her corporate clients, she’s now sharing it with the world.

When Does The Next Program Start?

The next Agile Mindset Mastery program date:
January 2021
Booking and Payment must be completed by: details to come.

Weekly Group Training sessions will be held on Tuesdays.

Weekly Question & Answer sessions will be held on Thursdays.
How to Join
If you’re committed to becoming a master at encouraging your team to achieve amazing results and you’d like even more support from myself and the step-by-step Agile Mindset Mastery program, then click the “Book Your Strategy Session” button below, respond to a couple of questions, and from there I’d be more than happy to jump on a call and discuss where you’re at and where you’d rather be and see how the Agile Mindset Mastery program can support you to make this a reality.
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