I'm Paulie Skaja (pronounced Sky-a): intuitive coach, inspirational speaker, life-transformation author and so much more.

All my life, people have been coming to me for guidance on how to deal with their challenges and I’ve intuitively known how to assist them. It wasn’t until I became a recruiter and began helping my candidates get rid of their limiting beliefs, while teaching them to reframe their conversations that I realized I’d been given a gift. I’m able to “see” the root of a problem; quickly define a strategy for getting rid of the limiting pattern, belief, or idea; and help people [and teams] create a new reality.

Inspirational Musings,

Inspired thoughts intended to provoke transformational behavior. Beware: you may see yourself in the stories and find ways to change your circumstances… for the better.

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Motivational Reflections

Each vignette is designed to capture thoughts about a situation and how to reframe the pattern to create a new outcome. These videos are literally moments in my life… you get to take control of your life right alongside me. Let the journey begin.

Insightful Ponderings

Listen to these conversations intended to facilitate learning, growing & collaboration. Each show offers insights into improving your life and suggestions for living each day to the fullest.

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