Mindset Check

As we’ve discussed before, a mindset is a fixed attitude, disposition, or mood. Your mindset is formed throughout your life and is shaped by your beliefs.

When you are very young (0 – 6 years old), you begin forming your beliefs by watching how life unfolds around you. You are a blank slate and each of your experiences adds a bit of color. These are the imprint years; all you encounter is imprinted as part of your reality.

The next stage of life (6 – 14 years old), are the modeling years. This is where you take what you have learned so far and try to make sense of it by modeling the behaviors of those around you. Again, you are learning and experimenting.

Then you enter the relationship years (14 – 21 years old), where you start putting it all together and try to apply reason. When you were young, you saw your parents, friends, and even characters in a show interact in a certain way and you started to model the ideas in your life and you discovered what felt good and what didn’t.

As adults, we have all of this foundational conditioning that helped form who we are and how we respond to circumstances. Life is one big experiment. If you don’t like how things are, consider how you would like them to be and change your mindset to help shift your approach.

My challenge for you: Reflect upon your life and determine what’s going well and what you would like to shift. Consider what the problem is for things you want to change and identify how you would like things to be. This will help you formulate a plan to change your mindset and change your life…at work and home.

Check your mindset and create the life you desire.

All my best,

Paulie Skaja
your mindset muse 🙂

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